Reaching vulnerable populations worldwide

The Ideas Box is a mobile and flexible tool used to reach populations lacking access to culture, especially the most vulnerable: young, unstable, migrants, rural populations, etc. Whether in developed countries or in underserved areas, the Ideas Box can play a major role in spreading education and culture and enable libraries to reach new users.



Bridging the digital divide and isolation

The Ideas Box enables access to tools and content (i.e. film studio, MOOC, digital tablets and e-readers) in rural areas or underserved neighborhoods with school dropouts, elderly and isolated communities. Furthermore, it supports and empowers the evolution of cultural practices such as digital education.

A secure and attractive place for children and adolescents

A prolonged and regular use of the Ideas Box by children and adolescents reflects one of the major impacts of the device - the provision of an attractive and safe environment - reinforced by the first qualitative observations on the field.



Stimulating creativity

The Ideas Box provides everyone with the means to create their own content (films and videos, drawings, writings, maps, blogs, etc.). It also encourages intellectual development and empowerment, both individual and shared.

Create a sense of community

The Ideas Box allows families, local organizations, and entrepreneurs of tomorrow to come together and share resources, but also to share the space itself. the Ideas Box is a space for the exchange of information and a common space for organizing exhibitions and debates.

Strengthen both formal and non-formal education

The Ideas Box is a toolbox that provides a wide range of multimedia resources and educational content accessible offline. These contents are necessary for encouraging and supporting education everywhere. Through mediation and animation, children, young people, their teachers and their families can own these resources and tools. Literacy and mastery of reading and writing workshops, or coding and programming workshops can also be set up. At the individual level, access to content such as Wikipedia (offline) allows people learn and connect to the world.