Founding Partners

The founding partners are at the initiative of the Ideas Box. They have supported the program since its inception and their contribution was crucial to the implementation of the Ideas Box program.

Fondation Pierre Bellon

Pierre Bellon Foundation

The Pierre Bellon Foundation has supported the Ideas Box program from the start. From its conception to the action, Pierre Bellon Foundation has accompanied all stages of research, development, and experimentation in Burundi. Today, the association continues to support the program in its development in France and abroad.


Alexander Soros Fondation

The Alexander Soros Foundation has supported the program since its beginning steps and continues to provide significant support for its international expansion. The Foundation also organized the launch of the Ideas Box at the New York Public Library in March 2014.


Starck Network

The designer Philippe Starck and his team - especially the designer Ambrose Maggiar - designed Ideas Box pro bono closely with LWB. Philippe Starck has transferred all intellectual property and operational rights of the Ideas Box to LWB.


Global Partners

Our global partners provide overall support for the Ideas Box through a financial support program, in the form of donations or sponsorships of competence. Their support is crucial to the fulfilment of Ideas Box program.


The UN Refugee Agency

The UN Refugee Agency, through its leadership of innovation, supports and promotes the program Box Ideas for its deployment worldwide. The UNHCR also participated in the development of the box and hosted its official presentation at the Palace of Nations in Geneva in June 2014.


The RosaPark Agency

The RosaPark agency is a communications and publicity agency that accompanies Libraries Without Borders in promoting the Ideas Box program.


The New York Public Library & Book Ops

The New York Public Library and its subsidiary BookOps support the Ideas Box program in its implementation, particularly in the selection of content tailored to each language and region. The NYPL hosted the launch event of the Box Ideas in March 2014.

min cult france

The French Ministry of Culture

LThe French Ministry of Culture and Communication is an important financial partner of the Ideas Box program.

Sony GPVI Logo SonyBlue90


Sony is an important financial partner of the Ideas Box program.

LDE official logo


LDE is an important logistical partner for the Ideas Box program.



Bookeen is a key partner providing equipment for the Ideas Box, and especially e-readers.


Specific project partners

The project partners provide financial and operational support for the deployment of the Ideas Box in specific regions or areas.

Financial Partners

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Norwegian Refugee Council ENG logo trafigura logo min cult france mairie de paris
DRC logo 1 Logo Goethe-Institut united way michigan logo eufa en
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 Operational Partners

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 Norwegian Refugee Council ENG logo  croix rouge française  aurore asso svtchildren
secours islamique france  Logo QueenslandStateLibrary emmaus solidarité logo-handicap-international-lg 
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imageStephen KingWriter

Books are a civilizing influence in a world desperately in need of thought, understanding, and compassion. Libraries Without Borders is a step in that direction.


imageDany LaferrièreWriter

After the passage of a hurricane in Haiti, I received a letter from a young student urging me to inform people of good will to send a box full of books with every bag rice after a catastrophe because, he writes, "we do not eat to live, but to read."


imageKettly MarsWriter

Nourishing the mind is also essential to rebuild societies and human beings in a desperate situation. In this respect, the actions carried out by Bibliothèques Sans Frontières in Haïti after the 2010 earthquake are invaluable.


imageAnthony W. MarxPrésident of the NY Public Library

We must all do our part to help repair the damage wrought by humanitarian crises of all kinds; libraries can help restore an informed civil society once basic survival needs have been met.


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