Created in 2007 by historian Patrick Weil, Bibliothèques Sans Frontières / Libraries Without Borders (LWB) is one of the leading international organizations working in culture-and knowledge-based development around the world. In both development and humanitarian contexts, LWB’s aim is to provide access to information and culture for all by providing support to libraries in France and in 20 other countries worldwide

Since 2012, LWB has been developing several digital content projects in both educational sectors (MOOC, collaborative learning, etc.) and professional fields (specialized digital libraries, etc.). LWB has supported more than 300 libraries throughout the world since its inception.


Our expertise

Humanitarian & emergency situations

In 2010, Libraries Without Borders intervened in Haiti after the earthquake, at the request of Haitian institutions, to help rebuild the country by providing fast access to books, information and culture. In the weeks that followed the disaster, LWB set up 30 tent libraries in camps for displaced persons (IDPs), before being approached by UNICEF to deploy 300 youth library kits to displaced populations throughout the metropolitan area. In total, the action reached more than 100,000 people.

Echoing its work in Haiti and with the desire to promote a better account of the intellectual dimension of people in danger, LWB launched in November 2012 the international call to action the "Urgency of Reading" for access to information and culture in humanitarian emergencies. Very quickly, the call was joined and supported by more than one hundred international scholars, including 8 Nobel prize winners, world-famous writers, and experts in humanitarian aid. The "Urgency of Reading” campaign reached its climax on October 11-12, 2013 at an international conference on the issue which gathered specialists in information and culture, humanitarian and emergency actors, as well as donors, at the Maison de l'Amérique Latine in Paris.


Education and creativity

With the support of the Orange Foundation, LWB has launched the French version of Khan Academy, the first and foremost international customized learning platform with over 10 million users per month. This work has developed many innovative programs in education and thinking about the development of cognitive and non-cognitive skills (creativity, cooperation, ability to solve complex problems) of vulnerable populations. LWB has been involved in developing several projects in this field such as "The Code Travelers" (coding and digital literacy program) or the LWB Campus (a platform in the process of being created for the co-creation of knowledge).

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