Calais, the first city in France to acquire an Ideas Box!

calais 800x600 

It is now official: the City of Calais in northern France will be the first to acquire and implement the Ideas Box in France.

During six months, the LWB team in France will train the municipal staff on its multiple functionalities. The device will be open to all of the city’s inhabitants, especially those with little or no access to the public library network.

The Mayor of Calais, Natacha Bouchart, declared that her city acquired the Ideas Box ”because the library is the first place where people can go for access to culture and information without having to pay. In order to meet the expectations of citizens that do not often frequent the library, we had to propose a solution that was at the same time innovative, recreational and accessible to all”.  

And the implementation of the Ideas Box in Calais is only the beginning! Other French cities will soon be acquiring their own Ideas Box kits!