"The Day of the African Child" Celebration with Ideas Box in Musasa Camp

In commemoration of the Day of the African Child, refugee camps in Burundi had a celebration put on by the Ideas Box.

The Musasa camp in Burundi celebrated the Day of the African Child on June 16. The Kinama camp (another refugee camp in the town of Gasorwe in the Muyinga province) also had a celebration organized by the Box Ideas facilitators in collaboration with the Department of Child Protection of the International Rescue Committee (IRC).


On this occasion, a group of 15 teenagers ages 15-17 gathered together for two workshops and discussed important topics related to the holiday.

The first topic was "Free, Mandatory, and Quality Education for All Children". The youth group was able to share their experiences as teenagers in the camp, the problems they encountered there, and the right to education based on books found in the library module of the Ideas Box.

The youth agreed on the fact that education is a cornerstone for development. Unfortunately, they also found that many children, especially girls, do not go to school and are forced to stay at home to help parents with housework.

Their discussions also focused on overlooked educational rights for persons with special needs, such as people living with disabilities and chronic illnesses. There has been unequal access to school for these people and they are often doomed to remain at home without any form of education.

The second workshop was a discussion on "How to Avoid Violence". Some forms of violence mentioned were against girls to prevent them from studying or to force them to marry while they are still minors. In conclusion of the discussion, the youth group committed to "fight against all forms of discrimination that could prevent any child from going to school."


Throughout the day, children drew pictures at the Ideas Box and hung them up to show. The children drew their own pictures as well as pictures of illustrations they saw in books from the library module. The Ideas Box has become a source of inspiration by giving children the opportunity to meet and share something important to them.