The Ideas Box and LWB invited to the European Parliament


From September 28th to 30th, 2015, Libraries Without Borders was invited by deputy Sylvie Guillaume, Vice President of the European Parliament, to the seat of the Parliament in Brussels to present the Ideas Box.

Barnabé Louche and Javier Bermudez, Partnerships Manager and Office Manager respectively, along with several volunteers in Belgium displayed the Ideas Box and met with several members of the European Parliament who came to see it.

Within the current context of the refugee crisis, Libraries Without Borders wanted to inform the members of the European Parliament, their colleagues, and all those working at the Parliament of the positive impact of the Ideas Box.


The event was extremely successful, and several people of note attended, including Axelle Lemaire, the French finance minster responsible for digital affairs and Vincent Peillon, leading member of the Socialist Party and member of the European Parliament. Members of the foreign press came for the occasion and Sylvie Guillaume even created a video about the Ideas Box for her news journal "Face à la caméra" that she introduced by calling the idea "terrific!"  

What's more, at this event several members of parliament took the opportunity to support the Ideas Box project by voting for Libraries Without Borders in the Google Impact Challenge, in order to move towards winning the prize of  500,000€.

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