The Ideas Box mobilises designers!

The Ideas Box mobilises designers!


On Wednesday, September 16th, 23 design and industry professionals got together for the Scale Up workshop for Rationalisation of the Design of the Ideas Box.

In the workshop, they brought together their skills to work on optimizing the Ideas Box, trying to work towards changing the scale on which Libraries Without Borders operates; the goal is to have 1000 Ideas Boxes by 2017!

From 9 am to 6 pm, at the Musée des Arts et Métiers, the participants analysed, brainstormed, shared, wrote, and sketched numerous ideas to improve on the weight, the price, and the fabrication time of the Ideas Box.

Together, they studied the materials, the process, and the organisation of the Ideas Box to perfect the design for its future industrialisation.




It was a real moment of collaboration, where concrete propositions were presented. These will be looked over, studied, and implemented in order to work on the multiplication of Ideas Boxes in action.

A big thank you to the professionals who gave their time and shared their expertise to help support Libraries Without Borders in its development!