Status Update on South Bronx Ideas Box: It's Going Great!

With some help from our local partners at the New York Public Library and arts education organization DreamYard, the Ideas Box has had a steady stream of visitors every day. Although a large portion of the patrons have been elementary school children, people of all ages have been utilizing the resources provided by the Ideas Box.

One example is a father named Corey and his son Chase who came to visit the Box when some of the kids were learning to play chess (pictured above). Although Chase wasn't interested in learning chess, Corey accepted an invitation from LWB intern Madeline to play with a 9-year old girl named Alanyss; Corey revealed to Madeline that he had always been fascinated with chess but simply never had the opportunity to learn. After the game was done, Corey was extremely happy and grateful, and Madeline was equally glad that not just kids, but also adults, were taking advantage of the resources provided by the Box.

Adults are so enthusiastic about engaging with the Ideas Box that when one mother brought her daughter Artemis (pictured below) to the Ideas Box for the first time, she was so happy with the new addition to Hayden Lord Park that she almost immediately started trying to find ways to get involved. While Artemis happily used chalk to make drawings on the ground, her mother talked with the staff at the Box and agreed to run storytime the following week.


Most recently, the Ideas Box hosted a film workshop led by documentary filmmarkers Vlad and Sam (read more about it here: Many kids stated that this was their favorite activity at the Ideas Box, talking about how much fun they had making a documentary as a group. With the help of the workshop leaders, the kids got to write the script, capture the footage, and edit the video for the anti-bullying documentary they were making. This large amount of involvement was a huge factor in the film workshop's huge success.

As a whole, the Ideas Box has been a wonderful addition to the community surrounding Hayden Lord Park. Volunteers on site have stated that the kids are more friendly with each other when the Ideas Box is open. There are less petty arguments and more cooperation. The Box really brings the best out of the children. As Letitia James, New York City Public Advocate, stated in her address at the opening of the South Bronx Ideas Box, libraries are no longer a place for shushing; they should be interactive and vibrant. That is exactly the atmosphere that the Ideas Box has provided and will continue to provide with your support.

To see more of what is going on with the Ideas Box in the South Bronx, including the anti-bullying short film made by the kids at the Ideas Box with the help of documentary filmmakers Vlad and Sam during last week's film workshops, check out the Libraries Without Borders Youtube channel linked here:

Please support our Indiegogo campaign by sharing and donating to help us raise $60,000 by September 12th so that the Ideas Box can stay in the Bronx. We also welcome you to join us at Hayden Lord Park anytime this summer to use the Ideas Box resources and meet the LWB team. If you are interested in volunteering on site, please contact our volunteer coordinator Chris Lindblom (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (@Ideas_Box_Insta) for daily updates on our Bronx program. For more stories about the Ideas Box, check back next time for another update!