Twenty Ideas Box for peace in Colombia

IDB Colombie 2017 800x400

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos and French President François Hollande launch the "mobile libraries for peace." Crédit : Efraín Herrera – SIG

Libraries Without Borders has partnered with the Colombian Ministry of Culture, the National Library of Colombia and the Public Libraries Network to set up twenty Ideas Box for peace.


Why we decided to keep working in Moria camp in Lesbos despite recent controversy

approche de lesbos

After the March 20th agreement between the European Union and Turkey, the majority of the large humanitarian organizations withdrew from the Moria Camp in Lesbos, Greece. Opposing the increasing number of violations of the Universal Rights of Man, many NGOs called attention to the laws concerning the retention and incarceration of refugee populations.


The Ideas Box is a WISE Awards finalist for 2016!

2016 WISE Award - Flyer 4

On May 4th, the World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) announced this year's finalists for the WISE Awards. Fifteen innovating projects offering concrete solutions to contemporary education challenges have been chosen, among which featured the Ideas Box.