The evaluation of the educational, informational and psychosocial impact of the Ideas Box program is absolutely critical to the approach of bibliothèques Sans Frontières / Libraries Without Borders.

It should help to change and improve the device so that it is always best suited to the needs and use of populations. It is also a key element of LWB's advocacy for the importance of culture and education for vulnerable populations.

Here are our most recent impact studies.


  Reinforcing the quality of education in emergency situations: the Ideas Box increases academic performance by 23%.

Early qualitative trends published in 2015 indicated improved motivation and engagement in students who regularly visit the Ideas Box and use its contents. The following quantitative study outlines how students who attend French and Math classes within the Ideas Box show 23% more academic improvement than students taking the same subjects in a classic school setting.

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  Child protection, education, resilience | First impacts of the Ideas Box in Burundi.

With more than 24,000 visits in only 3 months and more than 3,000 registered users, the first 2 Ideas Box deployed in the Kavumu and Musasa refugee camps in Burundi have met with great success. The community ownership of the device and its crucial support in education and child protection are already a certainity.

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  The Ideas Box: an innovative tool for emergency situations | Psychosocial impact study in the Kavumu and Bwagirisa camps - Burundi.

Based on more than a hundred individual and group interviews, as well as Ideas Box user attendance figures, this assessment provides evidence of significant impacts of the Ideas Box on at least three aspects: support for post-traumatic stress disorder, strengthening peace and reducing community tensions, information security, and risk prevention from rumors and misinformation.

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  Reinventing education | Khan Academy trial pilot in Cameroon.

With the support from the Fondation Orange, LWB has adapted Khan Academy to French, the first and largest customized online learning platform in the world. The offline version of Khan Academy (Ka-lite) is installed in the Ideas Box in several languages.

In parallel with the deployment of the Ideas Box, LWB led a study in 2013-2014 on the impact of the KA method on the cognitive and non-cognitive skills of students in a library in Cameroon. This study, conducted outside the school, has proven extremely encouraging for a large-scale deployment.

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