Education & creativity

Ideas Box is a very powerful tool for enhancing education and fostering creativity in and out of school.  As a resource area for teachers, the box can also accommodate entire classes for class or tutoring sessions. Teachers who use the box note an increase in the curiosity and creativity of their students. Since November 2014, the Ideas Box program is part of WISE accelerator.



Strengthen both formal and non-formal education

The Ideas Box: a mobile solution for formal, non-formal and informal education

The Millennium Development Goals emphasize that education is the cornerstone of development. Yet, a majority of children in vulnerable communities do not have access to a quality education, whether they are school drop-outs or whether they must continue their education in overcrowded rooms with poorly trained teachers and scarce education tools and resources. The Ideas Box acts as a toolbox, enabling access to a wide range of multimedia resources and educational contents accessible offline, to provide the necessary means to improve education everywhere. Through mediation and activities, young people, their teachers and their families can take ownership of these resources and tools.

A resource center for teachers

Enabling access to digital resources and advanced tools, the Ideas Box provides teachers with the means to prepare their classes and access innovative teaching methods. In Burundi, where 3 Box Ideas have been deployed in Congolese refugee camps, teachers prepare their lessons by using the contents of the Ideas Box. Tutoring workshops were also held during the summer break.

A safe and attractive space for children and adolescents outside of school

Children and youth are particularly vulnerable outside of school. They are thus exposed to many external risks such as violence and delinquency. Offering a large selection of movies and gaming apps for children, the Ideas Box provides an alternative access to activities coupled with a suitable mediation.



The Ideas Box, a community resource center

The Ideas Box brings together the community to share, learn, and create.

Strengthening community ties

Families, local organizations, and future entrepreneurs gather at the Ideas Box to share resources, but also to share the space itself. A space for the exchange of information and a community space for organizing expositions, debates.

Life-long learning and training

The Ideas Box provides all the tools and resources for the development of competences for each individual. Workshops for literacy,the mastery of reading and writing, or coding and digital literacy can be set up. At the individual level, access to content such as Wikipedia (offline) allows one to open up to the world and enrich his or her knowledge.

Stimulator of creativity

The Ideas Box gives everyone the means to create their own content (films, drawings, writings, maps, blogs, etc.). It encourages intellectual development and empowerment, both individual and shared.