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On March 25, 2014, Patrick Weil, Chairman of BSF / LWB, Philippe Starck, and Alexander Soros, Chairman of the Alexander Soros Foundation presented the Ideas Box before hundreds of people gathered at the New York Public Library.

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"Thanks to the Ideas Box, children who have lost everything will now receive free, quality education, access to culture and means to reconnect with the world. It is a unique project I am very proud to be part of.”
Alexander Soros, Chairman of The Alexander Soros Foundation.



“What is a man, woman, or child, if once their life is saved and food and shelter found they are without any activity, and are unable to read, write or communicate?”

Patrick Weil, Chairman of Libraries Without Borders



"When one has lost everything and there is nothing else left, the only thing that cannot be taken away is the ability to dream"

Philippe Starck, creator of the Ideas Box



"We must all do our part to help repair the damage wrought by humanitarian crises of all kinds; Libraries can help restore an informed civil society once basic survival needs have been met. The New York Public Library serves countless immigrants who come here to escape, and celebrates this effort to see the needs met of those who remain elsewhere."

Anthony W. Marx, President & CEO of the New York Public Library

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